At Home in Houston

Maurice Pincoffs Company, Inc. is American-owned and managed—a rarity in the import/export field. Founded in Chicago in 1880 by Dutch trader Maurice Pincoffs, the company relocated to Galveston in 1900 and then on to Houston in 1906, making Houston its home ever since. The firm is one of the oldest companies in Texas that still operates under its original name.

Centrally located, Houston acts as a gateway to the United States. From its newly constructed warehouse in Houston, the company ships goods throughout the nation. With its bustling port and a business climate driven to meet the challenges of global commerce, international business is facilitated by the city’s competitive edge in the global marketplace.

International Presence

Maurice Pincoffs Company is well-known in Asia, Latin America, Europe and South Africa. To serve this international community, Maurice Pincoffs Company has emerged as an industry leader because of its ability to forecast and adjust to changing markets, fluctuating currencies and overseas politics.


For more than 135 years, Maurice Pincoffs Company has served its customers with quality products and dedicated service. Recognized around the world, we offer expertise in the import and export of a multitude of parts, components, semi-assemblies and finished goods for a diverse range of industries.

With our long history of successfully marketing and distributing products, we have the knowledge, skills and flexibility to handle almost any supply chain requirement.